Sports Specific Training


Kamil Nicalek is a former Division 1 soccer player for Iona College. After college he played Semi Pro for various teams around the country and in Poland. After suffering two knee surgeries he stopped playing the game he loved and took his dedication for sport into fitness and training. Kamil has been a trainer for over 10 + years. He has extensive knowledge from training clients one-on-one to running elite bootcamps. He had held classes for some time at one of the top bootcamps in NYC - Barrys Bootcamp.

Kamil’s specializes in training  athletes who are in need of improvement to take their game to the next level. He finds muscle building for specific sports important for injury prevention and optimal performance. Along with the fundamentals like a clean diet and a targeted  approach to each individual he can help you blow out the competition.

The programs are set up for one-on-one training which begins in a pre-evaluation as well as group packages for teams. Whether the sessions will be in a gym or outdoors, depending on the individuals needs we can set up a custom tailored program.


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